Colourful Romney Balls

Here I have some colourful and fun Romney rovings ready to spin. This is as easy as find the end and start spinning. There is no need to break off a piece or divide the roving, just start at one end of the ball and keep going until it is all done.

These can also be used for felting. They are particularly good for needle felting but can also be used for wet felting. It just takes a little more effort to get them to felt than if you were using fine merino. 

You will see that next to each ball there is a sample of it spun up, as some of the colour hides inside of the roving. This is due to the unique carder that is used for processing the roving.

I thoroughly enjoyed spinning up all the samples and it was so much fun watching the colour appear between my fingers.

These rovings make a lovely woollen yarn - there are a few noils, but it spins up beautifully.